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5 Things I Hate About Snikwah

1. Can’t Get No Satisfaction

You know that feeling: you’re itching because of a bug bite or sunburn. You know that if you scratch it, it’ll just make it worse. But you need that satisfaction. You know how good it feels to just give in to the urge and scratch that itch. Unfortunately, gone are the days of scratching until you bleed or reach bone – whichever comes first. With Snikwah’s built-in insect protection and UPF 60+ sun protection, you’ll probably never get to itch another bug bite or sunburn again.

2. This One’s Just Right

If you’re like me and the only way you’re comfortable is by being uncomfortable, then Snikwah is bad, bad news for you. Whether in extreme heat or extreme cold, heavy winds or cascading rain, no matter what the environment is, I just can’t seem to feel uncomfortable in my Snikwah. Seems the temperature regulation and fit make it so it’s always just right. Who do they think I am – Goldilocks?!

You'll never need another rashguard after Snikwah Hydro

You’ll never need another rash guard after Snikwah Hydro.













3. Rash Decisions

I live by one motto: If I’m not rash-y after a day in the water, then my day in the water was wasted! See, that’s why I hate the Snikwah Hydro. I can spend an entire day surfing from sunrise to sunset and come home without so much as a hint of a rash. Not cool, Snikwah. Not cool at all.

4. No Sweat

When I work out or engage in an active outdoor lifestyle, I like to sweat. And I just love soaking through my clothes so that they weigh me down and make me feel as uncomfortable as possible (see number 2 above!). Yeah, I’m weird like that. Snikwah’s moisture wicking properties make me feel dry all day no matter how much I sweat. What a downer!

Snikwah - The perfect shirt to do what you do, only better.

Snikwah – The perfect shirt to do what you do, only better.













5. Choices Make Things Harder

If you’re like me, you hate having a broad selection of styles, colors, and designs when it comes to your active apparel. Snikwah has so many cool designs and colors and works for so many different activities that it makes choosing just one impossible. Now I have a closet full of Snikwahs and no room for my comic book collection! Guess I’ll just have to throw on a Snikwah and get some healthy outdoor exercise. Curse you, Snikwah!

– Steven Goldfried

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