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5 Things to Love About Snikwah

1. A Buggy Nightmare No More

If you happen to be from an urban area with lots of concrete and pollution, doing things like hunting, fishing, and camping is a real treat. However, sometimes, you become the treat! Hungry mosquitoes and other bugs in the great outdoors always seem to take a liking to “city folk.” That’s where Snikwah comes in. With our built-in insect protection, bugs go from loving you to not liking you at all. No more battery-powered, handheld electric mosquito zapper or backpacks full of bug spray!

2. You Do You

There’s more to love than the design and comfort of Snikwah. It’s even more than all of the color and style choices (though there’s lots to love there too). What we love most about Being Snikwah is that its uniqueness and versatility makes it the perfect piece of clothing no matter who you are or what you do. Whether you’re into action sports or cross-training, if you like being in the snow or the sun, if you’re a mountain man or a water baby, Snikwah has what you need to “do you” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.













3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If you’re into outdoor activities and sports as much as we are, you’re going to sweat. It’s just a fact of life. And it can become very uncomfortable and annoying. We can’t control sweating, but we can control how it feels. With Snikwah, there’s no more soaked-through clothes. Its wicking properties and temperature control will make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

4. Neck Protection

Wherever we are (water, mountain, or desert!), we’re in the sun. One of the most troublesome spots to keep from getting burned on a sunny day is your neck. Most clothes don’t cover it and, as anyone who has ever gotten a severe sunburn can tell you, it’s no fun. In comes Snikwah’s convertible neck! With this unique sun protection, you can stay on the water, mountain, or sand dunes and out in the sun for even longer. A few more hours of outdoor recreation time means more quality time with friends and loved ones!













5. Project Save Our Surf

Snikwah isn’t just a quality product you can trust for optimal performance and protection. It’s more than the individuality and originality it promotes by being an Original itself. What we love most about Being Snikwah is that it allows you to get involved with projects that make a difference. Like Project Save Our Surf, an organization dedicated to the conservation of oceans, fresh water and the delicate marine ecosystems that reside within them. When you put on a specially designed Save Our Surf Snikwah, you can become a part of a community that’s helping to take better care of our oceans so we can keep riding their waves.

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