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5 Unorthodox Uses For Your Snikwah

Snikwah is, hands down, the most comfortable and versatile piece of sports wear on the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing, hunting, skiing, or sailing – Snikwah is the only shirt you’ll need. But Snikwah isn’t just for the outdoor enthusiast, you know. It has a number of other uses that truly make it the ultimate performance shirt. This week, we are looking at five unorthodox uses for your Snikwah.

  1. The Perfect Napping Shirt

Snikwah was born out of the need for a high performance athletic shirt, but they’re also extremely comfortable. In fact, when you throw on your Snikwah, you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud. It’s hi-tech drirelease® fabric will keep you at the perfect napping temperature. Snikwah let’s you play hard and nap hard.

  1. Combat Garlic Breath

Nothing adds kick to a delicious meal like a touch of garlic. Unfortunately for everyone around you, garlic has a tendency to linger, especially on your breath. Luckily, Snikwah has its patented convertible neck! Pull the fabric up over your mouth and spare everyone around you. As a bonus feature, you can also pull the convertible neck up to avoid inhaling your significant other’s garlic-laden mouth mist.






  1. Take On Paris Fashion Week

Do you have an eye for fashion but hate how uncomfortable the latest trends can be? Snikwah is the solution! It isn’t just an athlete’s performance shirt of choice, it’s also incredibly fashion-forward. You’ll be the toast of the town with Snikwah’s eye-catching graphics and the long neck is all the rage in Europe. Be the trendsetter that you always knew you could be.

  1. Take Better Photos

How many pictures have you ruined with a bad smile? Too much teeth? Yawning mid-shot? Caught off-guard? There are a million ways to spoil a photo. Consider all of these problems a thing of the past! Snikwah’s convertible neck can cover up that awkward, troublesome grin. Now all you need to worry about is not blinking…





  1. Be a Better Player

To be a good poker player, you need to be cool, calm, and collected. While not all of us have the steal nerves needed to make the big bucks, Snikwah can keep you from tipping your hand to your opponent. Maybe your poker face needs work and you can’t help but smile when the cards are in your favor. Just pull the convertible neck up and no one will know what you have! Or maybe you have a face like a blank slate but you tend to sweat when you’re nervous. Don’t let the sharks at the table smell your fear. Snikwah’s antimicrobial properties will prevent your stink from putting you in the poor house.

Snikwah might be the ultimate piece of sporting and outdoor performance apparel, but don’t be afraid to let your imagination wander when it comes to using your Snikwah to it’s full potential. From the runways of Paris to the high stakes poker room in Vegas, Snikwah has got you covered.

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