About The Snikwah Brand | Snikwah

Behind The Brand

You’re an individual. We get it. So are we. That’s why we created the Snikwah line of shirts. We wanted activewear that allowed us to do what we do, only better. The Snikwah line of shirts keep you cooler in hotter temps, warmer in colder temps, and the design is revolutionary. Just like you, there’s nothing else like it!

Our Mission

Snikwah strives to be at the forefront of ingenuity by producing the highest quality sportswear for an active lifestyle. This includes protection from the elements, ease of use, versatility, and the most comfortable and breathable fabric available.

The Snikwah line of shirts are patented, convertible neck performance shirts featuring full range head and upper body coverage. They are made of top quality wicking material by Drirelease®. Drirelease® removes moisture from the body to stabilize your internal body temperature in challenging environments like the heat of the burning sun or biting wind with UPF 50+ for additional sun protection. These materials will not wash out over time unlike other products of their kind. These high performance shirts are developed for all outdoor activities from varsity sports to fishing from mudding to hiking. They are breathable and versatile for any challenge.

So get out there – hunt, fish, run, snowboard, fire up your bike, or tear up the desert; Snikwah has you covered!

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