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Be More Snikwah: Monster Hunting Edition


Snikwah is all about facing your fears and taking on challenges. So what better holiday to test your bravery and prove that you can Be More Snikwah than Halloween? With all sorts of creepy crawlers and murderous monsters on the loose, tomorrow will be filled with opportunities to show All Hallow’s Eve that you ain’t afraid of no ghosts. So throw on your Snikwah armor, grab your weapon of choice, and get ready to channel your inner monster hunter.

Here are four creatures that are sure to cower in the presence of your patented convertible neck.



VAMPIRES. These bloodsuckers are easy to identify because of their insanely pale skin. They don’t have a Snikwah to protect them from all of those harmful UV rays, so they can’t soak up the sun while paddleboarding and kayaking like you can. Exploit this weakness by chaining your vampire up to a fishing dock and waiting for the sun to rise! You’ll have a full day in the sunshine and that parasite will be a pile of dust.

ZOMBIES. As any episode of The Walking Dead could tell you, zombies aren’t as slow as some people want you to believe. But with how comfortable your Snikwah sportswear is, running long distances isn’t a problem for you! Outrun your brain-eating foe while leading them through a maze of deadly obstacles (like explosions and pitfalls!). With Snikwah’s incredible wicking ability, you won’t even feel like you broke a sweat.

Ghost Girl On Glass

GHOSTS. Ghosts might not be able to physically touch you, but they do have the ability to make rooms incredibly cold! Thankfully, Snikwah’s Drirelease® fabric has temperature control to keep you warm when things get chilly. Those ghosts won’t be able to freeze you out while you light your candles and perform your séance, banishing that poltergeist into another dimension!

WEREWOLVES. Shows like Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries want you to think that werewolves are friendly, lovable dogs – but you know better than that. Head out into the Halloween moonlight and face off against these fearsome and furry creatures. Thanks to Snikwah’s bug protection, you won’t be catching any flees while you’re wrestling that wolf to the ground.

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