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For those of us that live an active lifestyle and like to stay fit, our options for a good workout are aplenty. There are workouts that have a transformative effect on our bodies, like Cross-Fit. Slow burn workouts that lessen our risk of injury or exercise-related pain, like swimming. Some workouts are more for fun than for exercise, like playing basketball. But one of the best options enjoyed by professional athletes and stay-at-home moms alike has a little bit of everything for the fitness enthusiast: Yoga.

People have been practicing yoga for thousands of years. It’s an exercise that comes with endless benefits, having truly stood the test of time. Yoga can (and maybe should) be done in addition to other athletic pursuits. It’s not uncommon for a professional football player to include yoga as part of their off-season workout regimen because, not only does yoga have lower impact on the body’s muscles, bones, and joints than the grueling pounding of an NFL season, but it also has been known to help heal the body and mind.











Even if you’re not a pro-athlete, yoga has amazing benefits. If you’ve ever gone to so much as a beginner’s yoga class, you know that, when you walk out, you feel like a new person. You might feel as if your feet don’t touch the ground, so relaxed that your body gives you the sensation that it’s almost floating in thin air. When you practice yoga, you challenge your body and mind to come to a supreme focus, to shut out the external world, and to focus on the simplest but most important of human movements, especially our breathing. By doing so, our bodies and brains become rejuvenated, refreshed, stronger, more efficient, and, thus, more relaxed.












Yoga is all about movement and if your clothes restrict your movement, you’re not going to gain that state of relaxation and meditation that is so important for our bodies and minds to heal and grow stronger. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, do your body and mind a favor and take a class at your local studio. And don’t forget to wear your Snikwah to make your yoga experience as comfortable and beneficial as possible!

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