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Flying Close to the Sun

Have you ever heard the Greek myth of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun only to fall back down to Earth? The story of Icarus teaches us a lot, including that the sun is a powerful thing and it can do some major damage if we’re not smart about how we protect ourselves from it.

As winter rolls around and the rain and snow start to fall, it’s easy for us to forget about protecting our skin like we do in the summertime. We’re not wearing our board shorts and bikinis anymore (except for those of us in sunny Florida) and much less of our skin is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. But a very important part of our skin is still exposed. If you’ve ever spent a day skiing, snowboarding, or riding a snowmobile through fresh powder, you know your face is very susceptible to sun and wind damage. For winter sports aficionados, it’s just as important to protect our faces during a day on the mountain as it is during a day on the beach.

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There are a few reasons your face is so susceptible to sun damage when you’re participating in snow sports. You may have heard before that it’s important to protect yourself from sun damage during a day on the water. That’s because, not only does the sun beat down from above, but it also reflects off of the water below to hit us from all angles. The same is true of snow! Light bounces off of snow, intensifying its effects and increasing our risk for sun exposure.

Maybe you’ve gone to great lengths to protect yourself from sun and wind burns when spending time in the snow. But between sweat, wind, and condensation, it’s almost impossible to keep sunscreen on. And a ski mask is uncomfortable, not functional, and totally out of style. You want to cover up but you don’t want your movement restricted. And forget about the production it becomes to go in and out of the lodge, having to dress and undress every time.

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That’s where Snikwah comes in. Snikwah is the perfect shirt for a day on the mountain. It’s like a shield from the elements while being warm and breathable. The convertible neck can go over your entire face, giving you full protection from the wind and sun all day long. It even wicks away moisture so you’ll keep feeling dry and smelling fresh.

Another reason we must take extra precautions against sun-induced skin damage when we’re on the mountain is because of elevation. The higher up you go, the higher the risk of radiation exposure from the sun’s UV rays. And with the idea that UV rays are more dangerous at higher altitudes in mind, it brings up an interesting thought: Maybe if Icarus had been wearing a Snikwah, he’d still be soaring!

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