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DebbieSpoonsI have been a product tester for many years and I have tested many different types of products. I have found that many companies make lots of fantastic claims but few of the claims hold up under real outdoor usage.

I was given a long sleeve Snikwah shirt at the Salt Lake City Outdoor Retail Show. I tested it on an expedition up Mt. Rainier because I needed to take very light weight, but highly functional equipment with me. Someone was really thinking ahead when they designed this shirt for outdoor activities. It is very light weight, non-cotton, and it has a long turtle neck on it that doubles as a balaclava. It has a small opening on the upper left shoulder seam so that I have a place to keep my sunglasses when I’m not using them. The Balaclava has two opening in the back of head area for a high or low pony tail, and the sleeves have the thumb holes so that my hands are covered by the sleeve.

When we first started our assent on Rainier the weather was warm and we were all in short sleeve shirts. By the time we reached the glacier we needed to put on longer sleeve shirts for the temperature change and also to protect us from the glare of the sun that reflects off the snow. This is when I changed into the Snikwah shirt to see how well it worked. We were at about 7,500 to 8,000 ft elevation when I changed to the Snikwah shirt, and as we climbed I noticed that it did a good job of thermal regulating as made our way up the mountain. As we climbed in elevation I pulled the turtle neck up higher and then shortly I pulled it up to act as a balaclava under my helmet. I noticed right away that it worked better than the fleece balaclava that I normally use because it whisked the moisture away from my mouth and nose area, unlike fleece that just lets the condensation hang on my face. By the time we reached 10,000 ft. it was time to put on much warmer clothing before we continued higher. This shirt easily fit underneath my other layers and I was very impressed by the way it thermo regulation ability.

On the search and rescue team we do a lot of mountain rescues, most of which are at high elevations. Last night we had another high altitude mountain rescue and I wore the Snikwah shirt. I was really happy that I grabbed it to wear as I was heading out the door. The balaclava was again indispensable for our trip up the mountain and the long sleeves that cover part of my hands were great to keep the shirt sleeves in place and to help keep my hands warm under my gloves. I really like the way that I can easily adjust the long neck of the shirt to fit any situation without having to stop and put on or take off a piece of clothing which means that I don’t have to keep taking my helmet off.

I recently wore this shirt to a cave rescue training that lasted many hours and the shirt worked well as we moved through the cave. It again was great at thermo regulating as we did different activities underground, and it held up under the harsh conditions of a cave.

I plan on getting more of these shirts so that I can keep one in my rescue cache in my vehicle so that it will always go with me on

Thank you for making such a great product!
Debbie Spoons

I am always on the lookout for new products so when I was recently contacted to provide a review for a new active wear shirt – Snikwah, I was excited. When I received the shirt in the mail, it went in the pack for our annual hunting trip to Michigan which proved to be the perfect environment to try out the shirt. Temperatures went from 77 degrees to 25 degrees two days later. The Snikwah performed great. It was actually cooler than a short sleeve t-shirt on the warm days but to my surprise was warm as the temperature dipped.

The material is made from top a quality wicking, Drirelease, and better than most, the shirt stays soft and the wicking won’t wash out. The shirt also provides a UPF50+ rating. This was definitely a plus with the sun beating down relentlessly. The convertible neck allows you to control the level of protection you need. It can be worn five different ways – down, with the neck extended to cover your mouth, as a full buff, a hood or as buff with hood.

It comes in several colors and a wide range of sizes. It not only provides the Drirelease and UPF protection, it has proven insect protection and looks great too. So not only will this be my “go to” shirt for hunts, it’s great for any outdoor activity, hiking, ball games or walking the dogs.
I am definitely a fan and urge you to try this shirt for your next outdoor adventure. Thanks to the Snikwah team for introducing me to this product. See Review on “Women Hunters

Carol Carver
Field Staff/Staff Writer – North Carolina

“I’ve found Snikwah to be a very lightweight, comfortable shirt. The shirt fit very well and had a nice stretch. While I’m out exercising, I found the shirt breathed very well and had great air flow!”

Captain P. Casey
Licensed Master of The Captain’s School
A USCG approved school with locations in Marathon, FL, Gulfport/Biloxi, MS, Orange Beach, AL, Clayton, NY and St. Croix, VI

I want to let you know that as a motorcyclist with a 2010 Harley Davidson Trike that has gone 90,000 miles throughout the US, I have to say that my Snikwah shirt is perfect for riding in the sun. It’s cool, its comfortable and it protects my skin. I am a fair-skinned person and I need to be protected from the suns harmful rays. I prefer not using lotions. I like the thumb slots in the sleeves so I can cover the back of my hands while holding the handle grips of my cycle. It great that the shirt’s convertible neck can protect the back of my neck where tee shirts are lacking. Also, I liked the reflective markings making me more visible to other drivers. I will be telling my biker friends and riding buddies all about the benefits of your shirt.

Stixxx, Defenders LE-MC SWFL

I recently ordered and received a Men’s Essential shirt and love it! I purchased it to SUP, but have used it on several occasions to keep protected from the sun. I couldn’t be more pleased. I have told my local REI store about your product and have posted a recommendation on the SUP Mag camp east coast sight as well. Will be back for another soon!

Douglas Correia

“We are very happy to report – We LOVE our new Snikwah UPF50 shirts! They weren’t kidding when they told us the shirts are “seriously comfortable”. We’ve worn them in the cold layered, and we’ll be wearing them working in the #sand this weekend….Snikwah, THANK YOU, we look forward to sporting these shirts for a long time! “

Marianne Knight
The Sand Lovers, LLC (Ft. Myers)

I loved the fit and comfort of my Snikwah. As I am a fishing charter captain, the shirt worked out great. I liked that I could pull the sleeves over my hands as the sun has wreaked havoc on them the past couple of years. I like that I am protected and don’t have to cover with sunscreen that seeps into my skin. The convertible neck is a smart idea as it covers the back of my neck or you can also pull it up over your mouth or head as it gets windy on the water. I was happy to discover that I am able to stay warm when its chilly out and being able to stay cool when its hot out. The temperatures in New Jersey can go from 62 degrees to the low 80’s. I really enjoyed wearing this shirt!

Captain Steve Purul
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters (Barnegat, NJ)

Living life around the water has always been part of my life as an avid surfer, stand up paddler, and waterman. For years I have spent time in the water without protection from the sun and have exposed my skin to many harmful ultraviolet rays. Recently I bought a Snikwah long sleeve shirt and fell in love with it. The first thing I noticed on the box was the SPF rating is 50 and it has DriRelease technology which protects you from the sun while keeping you dry. The sleek box comes with a flier inside that explains the benefits of wearing this incredible shirt. At my first glance my eyes comes across symbols that read UPF 50+, wicking, temp control, insect protection, and comfort. Right away, I threw it on to take for a ride.

For the next week I placed this shirt through all kinds of brutal environments. From the scorching Florida sun to the strong winds, rough sand, warm salt water, insect infested back waters and multiple washes, this shirt would not break down, but felt the same as the first day I got it. The Snikwah shirt offers ultimate comfort and durability which feels silky and smooth to the skin. It fits like a glove and is rash resistant. I felt cool all day and did not sweat like I do with other UV protected long sleeve shirts. The buff (neck) and extra hand sleeve gives you extra protection for your neck/face and hands. As a paddler, I would not use the hand sleeve while paddling because the shirt material in the palm of the hand makes the paddle slip out. However, this option to the shirt is excellent for cruising the beach or fishing in order to keep the hands protected from the sun. The one thing I noticed about the buff while actively paddling, is it gives a paddler great protection, but restricts breathing and causes the paddlers sunglasses/glasses to fog up when the buff is fully extended over the nose and head. To fix this issue, I would suggest a mesh around the mouth area to release the air movement while breathing hard.

Besides these minor improvements needed to accommodate the watermen and ladies that paddle daily, this shirt is top notch and a superb quality. I would recommend the Snikwah shirt to anyone that lives life to the fullest. Buy this shirt, stay protected, feel free and play hard!

Damien G.

“I recently ordered and received a Men’s Essential shirt and love it!. I purchased it to SUP, but have used it on several occasions to keep protected from the sun. I couldn’t be more pleased. I have told my local REI store about your product and have posted a recommendation on the SUP Mag camp east coast sight as well. Will be back for another soon!” – Douglas C., Happy Customer

“I wanted to get in touch with you regarding the sample shirt you gave me. I tried it out over the weekend in Orlando, I was saltwater fishing on the Saturday and freshwater fishing on the Sunday. Both days were sweltering hot. The shirts are bloody amazing! I was dry the whole time, and also it is a very light and comfortable shirt as you said. Now I am keen to distribute these in Australia!” – James,

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