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Weird Sports We Love

Snikwah is no stranger to innovation and originality. While other brands are toying with the same old concepts and designs, Snikwah has been dreaming big, finding cutting-edge material, and creating innovative designs. But Snikwah’s love of all things original doesn’t just pertain to clothing. Snikwah is a fan of any sport or activity that pushes the limits of what’s possible and challenges the imagination. That’s why, this week, we want to shine a light on some unique sports that embody the ingenuity and creativity we love!

Ice Sailing

At Snikwah, we love getting to spend the day out on the water. Harnessing the power of the wind is an amazing feeling and, once you’re hooked, you never want it to end. That’s why ice sailing is the perfect embodiment of the Snikwah ideal. It’s the “Do What We Love, No Matter What” attitude. It doesn’t matter if it’s zero degrees outside and your favorite body of water to sail on is covered in ice. When a real sailor wants to sail, nothing can stop them.

white floorball balls in a green metallic basket



 This isn’t a throwback to your 7th grade gym teacher’s indoor activity. Floorball is played similarly to hockey, with a few major changes. First, the goalie’s padding has been severely reduced, which mean goals – and lots of them. The next big difference is the stick. The floorball stick is a hybrid between a hockey and lacrosse stick. Check out a highlight reel of lacrosse and hockey stick-handling and imagine they had a baby. Can’t imagine it? You don’t need to! Because that baby already exists, and it’s all grown up and playing floorball.

Swamp Soccer

 Originally developed in Finland as cross-training for cross-country skiing, swamp soccer is a messy spin on a classic sport. It retains much of the original intent of soccer: get the ball in the goal. But many of the additional rules that tend to slow the game down have been removed. And, of course, there is the twist that the entire game is played on a swampy, muddy field.



Chess Boxing

Do you have hands like sledgehammers and the strategic mind of Napoleon? Normally, a multi-talented phenomenon like yourself would have to choose between brains and brawn. But, luckily, chess boxing allows you to crush your opponent’s skull and philidor defence. Chess boxing looks like a normal boxing match aside from one minor detail: a game of chess is played between rounds. Combatants can win on points, by checkmate, or by knockout. So keep your hands up and your king protected because the final blow could come from anywhere.

From muddy pitches to frozen lakes, people are finding inventive ways to get out there and have fun. Snikwah was created out of the desire to do what we love, in all seasons and conditions, without being held back. The same innovative spirit that led to Snikwah is what led to sports like swamp soccer and chess boxing. And that’s why we love them.

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