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Western States, Meet Snikwah – Snikwah, Meet the Western States!

The history books are full of bold pioneers blazing trails to the west, such as Lewis and Clark, Jedediah Smith, James Bowie, and now, Snikwah! If you have followed our blog or Facebook page you know we’ve been busy leaving our mark on the western states.

We started the expedition in Oceanside, California, where we watched our favorite surfers throw down at the Supergirl Pro, the worlds largest all female surf contest. After packing up our tent (and enjoying just a little bit more of the California sun) we headed to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Outdoor Retailer Show.

Once the Snikwah team arrived in Salt Lake we hit the ground running. On the very first day of the show, Snikwah was presented with the Dri-release Innovation Award. The Dri-release Innovation Award is given out in celebration of innovative designs in active wear and products that enhance the lives of athletes and sportsmen in all of their active endeavors. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why we were chosen for this honor. Snikwah is the most versatile piece of clothing for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are hiking, biking, fishing, or surfing, Snikwah is the ultimate piece of performance apparel.


Winning the Dri-release Innovation Award was just the start to a very busy week. The sheer size of the Outdoor Retailer Show is mesmerizing, every piece of outdoor gear imaginable was on display, along with a lot of stuff you never knew existed. If you didn’t have a map there is a good chance you could very easily lose yourself. A true outdoor sporting enthusiast’s dream!

The Snikwah team spent the next four days making sure anyone and everyone who walked by our booth knew why Snikwah is the most innovative piece of sporting apparel on the market.

Despite all the hard work, the crew managed to take a minute for a little fun in the form of high-speed go karts! The ladies dominated the track, winning all three races. As for the rest of us only one thing is for certain – Snikwah will not be fielding a racing crew anytime soon.

After blazing a trail across the West, we finally headed home. The Snikwah team had a chance to watch world-class surfing, meet celebrities, accept an award for innovation, and let everyone in the outdoor retail world know who we are. Even though the trip was long, everyone came away with a feeling of excitement for things to come!

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