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Wishing on Stars

When you blow out the candles on a birthday cake you make a wish. When the clock hits 11:11, you make a wish. Find an eyelash on your cheek? Blow it off and make a wish. Jiminy Cricket even sang about how wishing on a star would make your dreams come true. But unless you are Pinocchio, you may need to do more than wish to achieve your goals. Maybe it’s because we’re in an age of participation trophies, where no matter how poorly you do, you are rewarded with a medal. Or maybe it’s because we can watch a non-stop stream of world-class athletes demonstrate their super human abilities without ever seeing what they do behind the scenes. But for some reason it seems like now, more than ever, people spend more time wishing for greatness, instead of putting in the hard work to become great.

Ask any great athlete what it takes to get to an elite level; you’ll hear stories about long hours spent in the gym, how you need to show up early, and stay late. Elite athletes will watch film until the wee hours of the morning and won’t leave the field until everyone is performing at the highest level possible. The elite athlete sacrifices friends, family, and free time to get to the top of their game. Unfortunately, when people watch these athletes on TV they only see the end result. People don’t see the hard work and sweat that went into getting there. The spectator only sees the multi-million dollar deal with an athletic apparel company. The spectator only sees the super star wearing expensive jewelry, fancy shoes and luxurious shirts while playing in the sun. Everyone sees the sports cars, and endorsements, but they never see the hard work, blood, and sweat that went into getting to the top.


This all adds up to wishing instead of doing. People wishing they could be a better surfer. People wishing they could travel the world and hike beautiful peaks. People wishing they could be the face of the latest performance apparel company. Unfortunately, wishing isn’t going to get you where you want to be. There is only one sure-fire way to get what and where you want and that’s by getting out there and making it happen. Instead of wishing upon stars, why not spend the night underneath the stars? It’s time to take initiative and create you own luck. Make a name for yourself and achieve greatness, not through wishing, but through doing.

At the end of the day people are not remembered for the things they wish they did. They are remembered by what they accomplished. Go out into the world and make things happen – be bold, be fearless, be Snikwah.

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